Continuous Praise

I had the privledge to spend the weekend with my bother and his family this past weekend. We were celebrating my bro’s birthday and we got to spend to some good time together. The weekend was capped off with a solid church service at his church. We have been attending a variety of churches here in Nashville in our search for a church home. Most of the congregations we have visited do worship with a praise band. What was cool at my brother’s church was they had a choir who really knocked it out. After the service while talking to one of the choir members I was reminded of a thought I had while driving in my car a few months ago. I was driving to work singing along with a worship CD and it hit me that even though I was alone in my car singing that I was probably not the only person in the world offering up praise at that moment. Taking it further it seems reasonable to me that there is probably not a moment where praise is not being offered 24 hours a day 7days a week. It is hard to guess how long it took for the initial amount of Jesus’ followers to increase to the point where praise was being lifted to heaven continously but certainly it has been flowing non-stop for hundreds and hundreds of years. The picture I get in my head is one of continous flow of praise flowing like a river from the created to the Creator crescendoing with great waves of praise during our corporate whorship services each week. The other thing that strikes me is that the chorus of praise we join in every time we lift our voice is never ending, non-ceasing, and eternal. Which seems only fitting seeing that God’s love and forgiveness for us in the Son is never ending, non-ceasing, and eternal.


2 thoughts on “Continuous Praise

  1. Bro! what a great time we had! It was awesome man! Six flags was the bomb and the fellowship we shared at Church was off the hook! I love you bro and I am so excited about us being on fire for Jesus! Talk to you soon…Love ya bro

  2. The image of the river is beautiful! I’ve never really stopped to think that in this moment, that praise is being lifted to our father. There is much comfort and joy in the realization though. He deserves much more praise than we offer and are even capable of, He is glorious beyond measure and deserves to be praised in every moment.

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