President-Elect Obama



It was a historical day yesterday. My prayer is that God will bless this nation and the leadership of president-elect Obama.

Michael over at iMonk has crafted a nice post highlighting scriptures that encourage us as Christians to pray for our leaders and each other. Check it out here.

I wanted to share that I was moved watching Obama’s acceptance speech. The faces in the crowd were hope-filled and passionate. I realized watching that speech that as a mid-30s white guy I really don’t have a true perspective of what it might feel like to be an African-American living in a country that has history of mistreatment and oppression. You could see on many faces last night what the election meant to people in that context.

 Another thing I realized was I do have a perspective on what it means to live an oppressive life not reconciled to God.  That crowd challenged me last night because beyond the pain and oppression that comes with racial, class, and nationalistic division lays a division that can only be repaired by Jesus. I am challenged today to try and figure out a better way to communicate the love of Christ represented in His service and sacrifice to humanity. I would love to see tears of joy for my King.

How do we do it?

Peace and Grace.



5 thoughts on “President-Elect Obama

  1. Tony,
    Congratulations on staying focused on the big picture,

    “25 For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?”
    Luke 9:25 (KJV)

    So, how do we raise the passion for Christ?

  2. This is just another example of how great God is and how he can turn the election and results into a lesson. This has really provoked some great spiritual dialog and got us once again going back to the Word. Awesome! Love ya Bro!

  3. Tony,
    I could not agree more. I got tagged pretty hard on my blog on my McCain or Obama blog with reference to, “did God put Hitler in charge?” Well, I have a biblical worldview which is consistent with God being in charge. You are on brother. Bless you and we need to pray for all people.


  4. Good Post man. I sincerely Hope President elect Obama does a good job. I can see him being a force for good in different way than others have done in the past. He stands for so many people’s hopes. We will have to see how he does in fulfilling them.

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