Can I Open Just One?



Well it’s a week to go til Christmas. It was about this time each year when I was a kid that I would start to pester anyone who would listen to let me open a Christmas present or two or all. Most years I was pretty successful at getting an early crack at the Christmas goodies. Still today it doesn’t take much to get me in the mood to open presents.  So I thought I would just throw it out there to see what you guys do. Here are the choices:

1. Christmas Eve
2. Christmas Day
3. Other

Feel free to describe your traditon in the comments.

Grace and Peace,



5 thoughts on “Can I Open Just One?

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  2. Dude it has to be Christmas eve..Thats how its been plus you can sleep inn on Christmas morning. But another cool thing is when you visit with different family members and open presents 2 and 3 times..See ya soon my Brother..Love ya man

  3. Well, if my kids had their way we would be opening presents 2 weeks before Christmas!

    But around here we usually do stockings the night before and maybe one present.

    btw, first-time visitor to your blog. Enjoyed looking around!

  4. Usually Christmas morning for my group. Then we head to my parents house 20 miles away and have some lunch. Both parents are still alive (85 and kicking) and have been married for over 60 years. Grandkids all over the place. Just a great time of family and togetherness. Have a blessed Christmas my friend.

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