Wrapping Gifts

I know Christmas is a few days removed (Happy New Years!), but I wanted to share a thought I had while wrapping up Christmas gifts this year.

The thought is this, it is fun to give people you care about gifts. As I wrapped each gift I found myself thinking of the person the gift was for and what they meant to me. I was excited to think of the anticipation on their face as they handled the wrapped gift and then their final excitement (or disappoint) after they had gotten the package open and saw what it was. By the time I was done wrapping I was down right giddy and ready for the gift opening to commence.

Reflecting on the excitement I was feeling about giving these gifts, it made me wonder how God was feeling before the birth of Jesus. Sometimes I forget that being an image-bearer of God means that all my attributes and feelings are the sin-tainted human reflections of God’s perfect attributes and feelings. It seems reasonable to conclude that if I get excited about giving gifts to my loved ones then God also must get excited about giving gifts. It blows my mind a bit to image the excitement of God as he wrapped up and delivered the ultimate gift, Jesus. It is also mind blowing to think that He knew that some would receive the gift with excitement and some would receive it with disappointment.

So what’s the take away here? For me it’s a reminder that that there is no feeling or emotion or attribute that I experience that God doesn’t understand or comprehend. Whether, it be excitement, anger, sadness, or anything God is right there with me. I find a lot of comfort in that.

I hope all you guys had a great holiday. I look forward to seeking, knocking, and exploring the Kingdom with you in 2009.

Be encouraged, love one another, and be excited about giving good gifts.

Grace and Peace.



2 thoughts on “Wrapping Gifts

  1. Tony,
    Wrapped in paupers clothes, laying in a manger. So awesome. I am so glad God gave his son for me…..Just awesome. Thanks brother.


  2. Bro,

    Since God created everything including our emotions I also feel like he can relate to anything we are going through and I am also sure thousands of other Christians have went through the exact same things. Thanks for spending some time with us during the Christmas season..I miss you guys..Love ya Bro

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