SOAP Journaling


I came across this journaling technique that works with Bible study to help the reader connect and meditate with scripture (big props to Pastor Wayne Cordeiro at New Hope Christian Fellowship in Hawaii for developing this model, check his article on SOAP here). I have only been trying it for a couple days, but I am finding it to be a good way to connect with God and His Word. We have also been using it in family devotions and it is really neat to compare with each other how God is speaking to us individually.

The technique is this:

1. Pick a chapter to read. Pray and ask God to speak to you as you read the chapter.

2. After you have read the chapter identify one verse that you felt spoke to you.

3. In your journal record the date and information about the chapter you read.

4. Use the SOAP technique to meditate on the scripture you identified. On your journal page write the letters for SOAP down the left side. Follow the description below to fill out each letter.

S (scripture):

  • Write out the scripture that you identified during your reading.

O (observation):

  • What observations did you make about the scripture you read?

A (application):

  • How can you apply the scripture you read to your everyday life?

P (prayer):

  • This is a spot to journal a prayer to God about the scripture you focused on and anything else you want to lift up to Him.

And that’s it.

SOAP is a really flexible technique that you can make your own. For me it’s been a good technique/tool for helping me connect and meditate on a single nugget from God’s Word.

Grace and Peace,



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