You Can't Handle the Truth

One of the coolest movies of the 90s in my opinion was “A Few Good Men”. The climax of the movie is a courtroom exchange between a Navy defense attorney and a hardened Marine drill sergeant. The defense attorney was trying to get out of the Marine what the true facts of the case were. The tension builds as the attorney prods and pushes with each question until finally the old Marine breaks and yells out “you can’t handle the truth!”

In our Wednesday night Bible study we started dealing with this ideal of truth. We are studying the book of Colossians which is basically a letter from Paul the Apostle warning the church in Colossae that they need to hold to the truth that was preached to them and not be swayed by other messages vying for their consideration. Paul’s letter is a warning to Christians to stay connected to the truth.

This whole discussion surfaced for me a couple major questions.
1. Is there an absolute truth?
2. If there is an absolute truth how do we know what it is?
I would be interested in hearing how you folks answer these questions. I’ll save my answers for a later post.
Grace and Peace,

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