Daily Devotional – Grumbling in the Desert

Exodus 16:7-8 (ESV)

7 and in the morning you shall see the glory of the Lord, because he has heard your grumbling against the Lord. For what are we, that you grumble against us?” 8 And Moses said, “When the Lord gives you in the evening meat to eat and in the morning bread to the full, because the Lord has heard your grumbling that you grumble against him—what are we? Your grumbling is not against us but against the Lord.”

How hard must it have been for Moses in the wilderness trying to lead God’s people to the promise land. At seemingly every turn there were complaints and grumblings. “We don’t have enough food Moses”, “We don’t have enough water Moses”, “We were better off as slaves in Egypt Moses”. Incredibly for each grumble, God provided and yet the people still complained.

It is easy to look back at the Hebrews in the desert and point a finger and think, “Wow how could these people be so ungrateful about God’s provision”. I know I have caught myself doing it, but in reality don’t we often do the same thing? How many times have we grumbled when we wake up to go to the job that God has provided to bring resources  and provision into our lives? How many times have we grumbled about our spouse or our kids, who God has so graciously placed in our lives so that we would have opportunities to show to them the love and grace He has shown us, and how many times have we burdened the ears of a spiritual friend or leader to grumble about what God has not done for us through them? Are we really that much different from the Hebrews in the desert? We must temper our grumblings and remember the one who saved us.

Heavenly Father, help us your grumbling children to remember your mighty works in our lives. Help us to remember your provision and goodness. Help us remember your  faithfulness and your love and help us remember your son Jesus and the work of the cross. Father forgive our grumblings. May we always proclaim your goodness even in the deserts of our life. Thank you Father for all your good works and your love. This prayer is offered in Jesus name. Amen.

One thought on “Daily Devotional – Grumbling in the Desert

  1. this is so true! we are just like Israel, in every way. the stories of Israel are not in the Bible for us to criticize them and simply learn how God brought us the Savior, but as a warning for us. If we don’t learn from the past (Israel’s past) we are doomed to repeat it (spiritually)

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