Daily Devotional – Jesus Said What? Give!

Luke 6:30 (ESV)

30 Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back.

I thought for the next few days we could focus on some teachings that Jesus laid out that might be hard to deal with practically. Luke 6:30 is one of those teachings.

Jesus says to give to everyone who begs from you and if someone takes from you don’t demand your stuff back.

Really? Come on now. What if the beggar is going to get drunk or buy drugs with the money I am handing over. Am I really being a good steward of what God has given me if I just hand out money right and left to anyone who asks, and what about justice? If I just let people take from me and I don’t expect some sort of retribution, how is that fair?

I think the key to understanding what Jesus is saying here is to understand the Father’s grace. The Bible teaches that we are all sinners and that we have all fallen short of the glory of God. Simply we are all at some point on the opposite side of being ok with God. We are all separate from God’s love and God’s blessings with no clear path to fix that relationship. No works that we can do will make it ok. Fortunately, God in His mercy and His desire to reconcile us to Him provided a path for reconciliation.  That reconciliation was achieved in the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ. Jesus became sin so that the punishment we deserved would be executed on Him. That is the Father’s grace. That is the Gospel, the Good News!

So what does the Gospel have to do with the beggar?  The ideal is that all who are Christians are disciples of Jesus and His teachings. All those who are Christians are benefactors of the free gift that God offered in Jesus’ sacrifice. All Christians are those who have begged for mercy from God to save them from their sinful condition. We have begged and we cannot repay. We have taken from the Father a possession He will not demand back, His Son.

What is the application of Luke1:30? For me it is a realization that grace abounds in all the teaching of Jesus.  The key precept we as His disciples must embrace is a lifestyle of grace and forgiveness for others. Does the beggar deserve what we give them? Is it right for the one who takes from us to do so without a demand of remediation?  I don’t know, but what I do know was that in a time where I didn’t deserve what I begged for and I took what would never be demanded back that the Father freely gave.

Heavenly Father,  thank you God for your grace and your mercy. Thank you God for the sacrifice of your Son so that we may be your sons. Father, thank you that when we were lost and separated from you, you gave us what we did not earn or deserve. Lord Jesus, help us today to apply your teachings. Give us opportunity to be forgiving and to model your grace. Help us remember from where we came and help see others as you see them. Help us to give. I offer this prayer in Your name. Amen.


5 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – Jesus Said What? Give!

  1. Nice exhortation here Tony. We are “jolly beggars” as Lewis once put it…joyfully looking to our Father for the mercy that is found only in Christ Jesus.


    • Thanks Brad. I like reading like C.S. Lewis, although I haven’t read much. Have you read the “Abolition of Man”? For some reason that one always jumps out at me but I have never read it.


  2. Hi Tony,

    I think I’ve read just about everything of Lewis’ but that book. I have it at home, but shamefully, I haven’t read it. I’ve also heard it quoted many times as well, so it’s not as if I have a good excuse here for not picking it up.


  3. Tony, good stuff! so easy to overlook the poor & give excuses. when God turns our heart toward “the least of these” we realize that their physical condition is all of our spiritual condition. For anyone struggling with helping people who may misuse $$, which happens a lot. They can always offer to take the person to a restaurant themselves or McDonalds has gift cards!

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