Book Review – The Life of A.W. Tozer: In Pursuit of God

Book Title:
The Life of A.W. Tozer: In Pursuit of God

James Snyder




I purchased the A.W. Tozer book, “The Pursuit of God”, a few years back at a local used bookstore. I think I read about half of it before I  found another book to read. I have a chronic habit of only partially reading books. My brother jokes that his library is filled with books I have recommended to him but have never finished reading. I don’t really understand why I haven’t finished “The Pursuit of God ” because it is really a great and deep book. I really admire Dr. Tozer’s devotional style and you can sense in his writing a deep longing to intimately know God.  So, it was in the backdrop of my partial reading of “Pursuit”, that I was motivated to read this biography of Dr. Tozer.

I really enjoyed this book. James Snyder goes about illuminating who Dr. Tozer was a couple ways. He intermingles geographical locations and also positional titles to provide the frameworks and the epochs of Tozer’s life. A brief scan of the table of contents reveal chapter headings such as “Indianapolis”, “Chicago”, “Toronto” and “Preacher”, “Writer”, “Editor”. I think breaking the information up this way is good because it allows the reader to get a good understanding of the context of Dr. Tozer’s ministry and also the in the ways he ministered.

Two of the other real compelling aspects of this book is the inclusion of the “Personal Glimpses” and the  “Tozer-Grams” content. The “Personal Glimpses” sections are composed of anecdotes about Tozer from those who worked with him or experienced his ministry, while “Tozer-Grams” are quotations from Dr. Tozer that were originally published in the Alliance Life magazine which he edited. Both of these inclusions do well to inform the reader  how Tozer was perceived and how Tozer himself perceived things.

My only criticism of the book is the lack of the information about Dr. Tozer’s personal life. There is one chapter called “Family Man”, but it would have been interesting to understand how Tozer’s pursuant life of God affected his wife and children and their spiritual development. It could be possible that much of this kind of information is not readily available.

To sum it up, I would recommend this book. It is an interesting look at the journey of man who is known to many through his devotional books. I think those who enjoy Dr. Tozer will benefit from this volume and come away with a better understanding of his ministry and work.

Now where is my copy of “The Pursuit of God”?

Grace and Peace,



3 thoughts on “Book Review – The Life of A.W. Tozer: In Pursuit of God

  1. “I have a chronic habit of only partially reading books.”

    I have about 50 books in the house. At least half fall into the half-read category. But in my defense, as shallow and weak as it is, most of the books I’ve abandoned have run out of steam about half-way through.

  2. gonna check it out once I finsh “The Pursuit of God” I liked the little I read in Lifeway a couple of weeks ago. Enjoyed the review, we could have the next Challies on our hands 🙂

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