SOAP Journal Entry – Romans 12:6a

S – Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: (Romans 12:6a ESV)

O – Throughout this entire passage the meaning seems to be that one’s gift, however great or small, is from God!  It then goes on to mention several of the gifts that God may bestow upon you, but I don’t want to focus on that.  Just know that you have a gift!  A gift given by the Heavenly Father.  Every believer has at least one spiritual gift and it must be used!  Some have multiple gifts, they must be used.  If you aren’t sure what your gift may be ask yourself these questions:  1) What do I enjoy doing?  The Lord wants us to be happy while serving.  2) What have I been doing that God is blessing?  Take a little inventory of what you have done that was a blessing to someone else.  3) What area have others encouraged me?  If someone else sees that you have a gift and has encouraged you to use it, take a look.  4) Has the Holy Spirit revealed anything to me?  The Spirit wants each of us to know and use our gifts.  You will find out your gift when you answer these questions honestly.

A – What is the application for me?  I was asked yesterday what my gifts were.  I gave an answer which was true, but not complete.  I have gifts that I have not been utilizing to their full capacity.  I have talents that I could use as a vehicle for my gifts.  I have been in a cycle lately of…. “I’m tired, let someone else do it awhile.”  This Scripture opened my eyes to realize that I can’t rest.  It takes every member of the body of Christ doing the work that they have been assigned to further the Kingdom.  There is a work that needs to be done and I have to do my part by using the gifts that God has given me.

P – Heavenly Father, thank you for opening my eyes.  Please forgive me for holding back on the gifts that you have given me.  Give me the strength to use my gifts to their fullest so that You will be glorified.  Thank you for being faithful.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


One thought on “SOAP Journal Entry – Romans 12:6a

  1. Chelle,

    Great post. I think your approach to finding our gifts is right on and I need to work that exercise out in my walk. Your diligent study of the Word is such a blessing to me. Thanks for doing it and sharing with us!


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