Weekend Food for Thought – The 4th Commandment

Exodus 20:8

8 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Not much of a blog post here other than to say I have been thinking about Sabbath observance quite a bit lately. I am not really all that much of a strict Sabbath keeper. I have always felt like Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the Sabbath law and in Him I have rest so really what’s the big deal about Sundays. Of course this is not the attitude I take with the other commandments, so why am I able to draw a disconnect here. I have ran into some good teaching on this subject this week. I highly recommend the sermons by Alistair Begg linked below, and I have included a good clip from John Piper also. Check it out and be mindful that tomorrow is the day that we should honor and keep differently than we do the other six. Plus Chick-fil-a is closed every Sunday and that should tell us something right there.

Grace and Peace in the Lord Jesus Christ,


Sermons by Alistair Begg

John Piper on the Ten Commandments


One thought on “Weekend Food for Thought – The 4th Commandment

  1. What a great video. John sets up his viewers perfectly and then strikes hard at the root issue: You’re not under the Law, through faith in Jesus your nature becomes the Law. Pow. Good stuff, Tony.


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