Fridays with the Franciscans – 9/3/10

I have been reading a book lately called the “The Lessons of St. Francis”. The book deals with different spiritual disciplines and is similar to Richard Foster’s, “A Celebration of Discipline”. I guess all that to say is that from my exposure to that book I have stumbled across a YouTube channel that features homilies from Franciscan friars at a monastery in Connecticut. A homily is basically equivalent to a sermon in the Protestant tradition. Recognizing the doctrinal differences between Catholics and Protestants, I am firmly convicted that the proclamation of God’s Word yields fruit. So for a time I think I will post some of these homilies on Fridays.

I really enjoyed the one below as it is a call for Christians to shed our apathy and our proclivity to make excuses in our devotion to Jesus and to (sorry Nike) just do it!


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