SOAP Journal Entry – Psalm 17:8

S – Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings, (Psalm 17:8 ESV)

O – This Psalm is a prayer of David’s. Apparently his enemies were surrounding him and he was requesting safety from God. Here in verse 8 we see two very tender analogies. One being the apple of the eye. This indicates one that is very precious or dear to another. The second analogy is being hidden under the shadow of God’s wings. This is my favorite. The story comes to mind of the mother hen who protected her chicks from the fire. The barn was engulfed in flames and the mother hen died, but her chicks were safe under her wings.

A – Our lives are filled with unexpected dangers. We never know what is coming with each day. There are daily attacks on our soul. But we can have the surety that God is absolutely in control and personally involved in every area of our life. We just have to accept Him and remain close wherever He leads. He will gather us under His wings if we will only accept the offer.

P – Heavenly Father, thank you for keeping me safe. When the storms of life gather round, I know there is refuge under Your wings. Thank you for caring about the details in my life. Help me to let you remain in control. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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