Daily Devotional–Don’t Replace the Lord

2 Chronicles 16:12

12 In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was diseased in his feet, and his disease became severe. Yet even in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but sought help from physicians.

In my reading today I came across the story of King Asa. Asa was king of Judah at a time in history when Israel was divided into two kingdoms. The book of Chronicles basically records who reigned and when and the major themes it deals with is whether each specific king allowed the worship of idols to continue in the land and whether the each king ultimately trusted God.

King Asa is an interesting king in that he did really well with the removing idols from the land and he also did really well trusting God for a while. Early in his reign he trusted God to deliver him from the armies of Ethiopia and the Libyans, but toward the end of his reign he began to look to other kings for help and deliverance instead of God. Today’s verse records that even when he became ill toward the end of his life he neglected to petition the Lord for help.

In reading about King Asa I wonder how many of us are like him. How many of us have replaced the zeal and dependency we first had for Jesus when we were converted with a zeal and dependency for the things of this life? I think it is an easy trap to fall into. I think we have to be careful to not make Jesus an add-on to our lives but make him the focus of our lives.

The message of King Asa is that we need to tear down the idols in our life and continually seek God first, not departing from his providence in our lives and not yielding to trusting in ourselves and others in the place of God. May it be so with me and you.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your love that sustains each of us. Thank you that you are our leader and our head and our protector. Forgive us where we have sought security in other sources. Help us yield to your leading today. Spark in us the zeal of our conversion. I offer praise to you in the name of Jesus, Amen.


One thought on “Daily Devotional–Don’t Replace the Lord

  1. Good thoughts brother. As I’ve said before this is a very hard one for me, the trusting completely. I am one who tends to try and take care of it myself first and turn to God second. I’m working on it though!!

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