Love Wins Parody

The internet blew up last month with the trailer video for Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins. Bell’s views on hell strays pretty fair from orthodoxy. I’ve included the original video and a parody that just hit the net a few days ago.

All fun aside, there is really no more serious issue than how we view our relationship to God and His plan for redemption. The Bible teaches that man is born in sin and at odds with with God. In our sinful existence we are set to be the objects of God’s wrath. That wrath is described as an existence of eternal separation from God in a place of torment, hell. This is man’s default condition and destiny. We are only rescued from that fate by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus steps in and offers His life as an exchange for ours. Perfect man is punished in the place of sinful man. This sacrifice is acceptable to God and now any who believe in Jesus as their substitutionary sacrifice are reconciled to God and free from His wrath. Bell’s mocks this truth, but it truly is Good News!

In the end, Rob Bell has it right. Love does win, but it is God’s love for humanity wrapped in the sacrifice of Jesus that is the expression of that love.

Trailer for Love Wins:


Grace and Peace,



4 thoughts on “Love Wins Parody

  1. Good post Bro! Loved the parody! It’s all about grace and I didn’t hear that in Bell’s promo. Love the part in the parody where he was talking about Bell asking more questions than giving answers…

  2. Good point bro. It does seem that we can spend tons of time questioning and thinking and end never actually doing. Thanks for the comment.

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