Daily Devotional – Christians Love Politics More than Jesus

Psalms 7:11 (ESV)

11 God is a righteous judge,

and a God who feels indignation every day.

It seems like the social media sites are blowing up with indignation over the current state of affairs in American politics. Even though the volleys are short tweets or status updates you can feel the emotion behind the impassioned pleas of their authors for justice and equity in the political realm. Sadly, I rarely see or demonstrate this kind of passion for God. I don’t know if we are so corrupted by sin or we just don’t believe what we say we believe, but it seems most Christians I know can go on and on about politics, sports, entertainment, gossip and so many other things but rarely show the same enthusiasm for the Lord. It makes me question my faith honestly. Look at today’s verse. God feels indignation every day. Every day. I wonder if that indignation springs from the passionless apathy of those who profess to follow Him demonstrate. Obviously, I am thankful for grace, but should grace excuse me from a vibrant passionate pursuing and making much of God? Shouldn’t I at least be somewhat mindful and declarative of God and what He has done for me. I’m feeling convicted. It is easy to rant, yet hard to do something about it. I think we should try.

Father, thank you for your love and grace. Thank you Lord Jesus that by your sacrifice you have given us a way to be reconciled to God. Forgive us our passionless pursuit of you Father, while we passionately pursue other things. Help us. In Jesus name, Amen.


President-Elect Obama



It was a historical day yesterday. My prayer is that God will bless this nation and the leadership of president-elect Obama.

Michael over at iMonk has crafted a nice post highlighting scriptures that encourage us as Christians to pray for our leaders and each other. Check it out here.

I wanted to share that I was moved watching Obama’s acceptance speech. The faces in the crowd were hope-filled and passionate. I realized watching that speech that as a mid-30s white guy I really don’t have a true perspective of what it might feel like to be an African-American living in a country that has history of mistreatment and oppression. You could see on many faces last night what the election meant to people in that context.

 Another thing I realized was I do have a perspective on what it means to live an oppressive life not reconciled to God.  That crowd challenged me last night because beyond the pain and oppression that comes with racial, class, and nationalistic division lays a division that can only be repaired by Jesus. I am challenged today to try and figure out a better way to communicate the love of Christ represented in His service and sacrifice to humanity. I would love to see tears of joy for my King.

How do we do it?

Peace and Grace.


Why I Vote

ballotboxToday is Election Day in the United States. Today Americans will decide who will hold the highest office in the land for the next 4 years. It has been a passionate and contentious campaign. I am confident that regardless of the outcome tomorrow there will be groups who are applauding a new day for America and others who are prophesying her downfall.

 The big question for me becomes, how does this election and American politics in general affect me as a Christian? Stated another way, how emotionally involved should I be in the outcome of this election?  Honestly, I don’t think I should be emotionally involved in this process at all. I have heard words like hope, peace, security, happiness, freedom, and reconciliation all bantered around by the various campaigns with each side making promises that their side would give us these things. Amazingly in the context of how often politicians keep their promises the people including Christians are buying the rhetoric. I think placing our hopes on the promises of politicians borders on idolatry. We are made to worship, and God commands us to worship Him alone. God tells us that hope, peace, security, freedom, and reconciliation come from Him alone.  

All this being said, what is the Christian obligation to the electoral process? For me, I vote. I submit to the laws of the land and exercise her associated freedoms. I recognize the many sacrifices of the Americans before me who have given their lives so that American freedom would endure. However, when I am doing these things I am always mindful of another sacrifice. That is the sacrifice of Jesus, who gave His life willingly to usher in a permanent kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven, and to allow me to be reconciled to the Father so that my hope, peace, security, happiness, freedom, and reconciliation would not rest on people or ideas or citizenships that will ultimately pass away but rather will rest on the One who made me.

Go Vote! Worship God!

Peace and Blessings.